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По умолчанию Говорим вслух: энергоцелитель Алекс

We speak out loud: energy healer Alex has sparked an explosive revolution in the gay world
Quite recently, the famous energy healer Alex, a master of restoring a person’s lost connection with his Soul, a psychologist, a valeologist, performed a scientific analysis learning about gay identity and behavioral aspects of representatives of modern gay communities, which became a true liberation from fears and silence and a real sensation in the gay space.
Alex took us behind the scenes of the gay world to show the reality beyond the myths. Thanks to his exposure of the shadow sides of modern gay culture, the whole world now knows what lies behind the image of a modern gay, what secrets and contradictions these representatives of sexual minorities keep, and where is the fine line that you can lose yourself if you step over.
In his scientific work, Alex touched on the most slippery topics that everyone discusses, but few dare to speak openly about:

The race for status in the gay world and the desire for the ideal of a beautiful body;
Searching for tools, how to sell yourself at a higher price, and who to sell to;
Unrestrained parties, alcohol, substances under the guise of “pride”;
Values distorted by modern gay culture, and the only true path to your Soul.

More about the author:

The main gift of Alex (real name is Alexey) is to restore a person’s lost connection with his Soul.
More than 10 years of experience in the field of psychology, nutrition, healing, massage, esoteric therapy and osteopathy.
Sees internal organs, the musculoskeletal system, a person’s energy, scans his emotional state, psychological and emotional traumas, energy distortions, diseases and has the gift of completely healing even those diseases that traditional medicine calls “incurable”.
Has a high level of access to the Earth's information field. Sees and can, upon request, harmonize the energy state of business organizations, communities of people, territories, states.
Visited more than 45 countries, studying people, mentalities and traditions, various healing methods.
Completed more than 25 courses, training and studies in massage methods, osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, energy healing, other forms and methods of bodily therapy – gua sha, acupressure, myofascial release, healing through stones (lithotherapy) and essential oils (aromatherapy), etc.

Exclusively, for our readers, Alex gives answers to the most pressing questions, teaches us to speak out loud about the most painful things in order to free ourselves from fear and silence, and heal the Soul if it has been wounded.
I'm lying on the bed with a broken butt…
The reality of the modern gay world. Are there any reasons for “PRIDE”?
MODERN GAY. So handsome, well-groomed and proud of himself for being gay. What is he really like? How does he live, what happens in his soul and behind the closed curtain late at night in his apartment?
Most likely, it’s a lot of work, often exhausting, because you need money, a lot of money, the latest iPhone and so on. Otherwise, you will not be in demand in the gay world. Another way out is an escort or an elderly “daddy” sponsor.
Athletic body. If you don’t have a beautiful body, you will not be a “purchasable” product in the gay sex market, and it is precisely the topic of sex that modern gay culture and propaganda fixates on for gays.
Substances, alcohol, endless parties. All this is served under the sauce of “pride”, which is a substitution of concepts and manipulation. Why? Because the reason for PRIDE, for example, could be your restaurant receiving a Michelin star or the fact of setting a world record, but not simply your existing sexual orientation. With such success, brunettes can be “proud” of their black hair and organize “pride” parades on this occasion.
Have those around you from the gay world tried to instill in you the information that drinking alcohol, using drugs, poppers, or other things that poison your health is normal and acceptable? It’s not that they are killing themselves, but it’s something wrong with you if you do not use it?!! And if you don’t want to do this – you are strange / you are boring / you are old-fashioned – for only one simple reason – you do not accept and do not want to use something what kills, but that is what the majority of the gay world falsely perceives as “pleasure”, “enjoyment”, “freedom”, “open perspectives”, which in fact, is destruction!
First, they cultivate a cult of chaotic sex without condoms, primarily through the idea through porn that unprotected sex is the norm. And then they offer the so-called “Prep” – pills that protect a person from contracting HIV and which must be taken regularly. Nobody says that Prep is a terrible chemical poison with a bunch of side effects that destroy the liver and the body as a whole. And it does not save you from BACTERIA. And 90% of sexually transmitted diseases are bacterial in nature. So, our dear gay friend, thanks to the propaganda of sex without a condom, which was introduced by the world's gay porn stars, also endlessly, several times a year, falls ill with syphilis or other bacterial diseases and cannot get off the needle of the strongest antibiotics.
The worst thing that happens as a result of being involved in all these “values” is that he loses himself and is almost completely deprived of the opportunity to find his love and build a real relationship, because when you are fixated on the level of the penis and the topic of sex, you cannot find real love or build relationships. It all ultimately comes down to one-time sex, chaotic orgasms and subsequent disgust towards the person with whom you had this sex. After hours/days all this leads to an even greater feeling of loneliness and the need to repeat this “circle”, repeating the scenario, running away from your loneliness and looking for the next entertainment on the well-known black and yellow dating site, which, again, was planted and introduced by those who are behind it all, in order to push you even more towards chaotic sex and one-off encounters. More in the full version of my article. There are answers to all your questions, I promise. Cleanliness for everyone!
With love and respect, Alex (AlexHealing_com)!
Full version of the article
Personal website of the author of the article with useful healing information for a wide audience (not only for gays)
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